Cardance Swap Ecosystem

Decentralized apps, in particular decentralized exchanges, have been getting more and more attention with the possibilities they offer.

Our Swap ecosystem will allow the exchange of native cryptographic Cardano assets between users. The development and introduction of multiple chains will welcome swaps with any crypto assets, regardless of their blockchain.
To improve the user experience, Cardance Swap will initially be a hybrid brokerage, having simple and secure minimally centralized versions with value limits. It is important to note that this
DEX participants will have the option to become a liquidity provider or an executor. The economic incentives generated by the platform for the Cardance community allow for more assertive investor decision making aligned with the best investment strategy.
In addition, Cardance Swap users will be able to use the portfolio of their choice, whether it is prepared specifically for Cardance Swap or any other integrated Cardano portfolio. Our ultimate goal is to create a close link aligned with our users' values of freedom.